Hello world!

I have created this blog because, let’s face it, parenthood is flipping hard and in my opinion there can never be too many websites, forums and amusing pages on the subject.

I love a read of a (good) blog and find them strangely addictive.  There is something raw and alluring about the way strangers write, with no holds barred and such blunt honesty. It’s like reading someone’s diary and is therefore ultimately intriguing.  Other people’s stories have the power to snap you out of the self-pity trap or the ‘what now?’ conundrum and the message is loud and clear: we are in this together.  Most importantly for me, a good blog encourages me to laugh at the tricky bits and appreciate more deeply the fun aspects of owning little people.

So, I may not have got around to completing (either of) my baby record books.  The thousands of digital photos that I have snapped STILL need sorting through and making into photo books.  But during the never-ending day and night feeds and those rare ten minute sit-downs when they’re sleeping, my phone is (ashamedly) always in my hand and I just can’t help but have a little nosey.

I’ve mainly been a dreaded ‘lurker’ but I feel like I know the people on my birth boards as though they are my actual friends.  Many a parenting article has had me nodding in agreement or laughing out loud in the middle of a particularly tough day.  Amongst my mummy friends, blog posts are shared via social media almost daily…because we’ve been there or are currently going through it too.

Sometimes I feel like the early days, months and now years (eek) of early motherhood are simply passing by in a whirlwind of chasing my tail: feeding, entertaining, cuddling, playing, reading,chatting, teaching, learning, laughing.  And (let’s face it) questioning, hoping, trying, failing, moaning, shouting and crying.  I spend so much time on this damn phone, I feel I may as well document bits of my own life at the same time as practically stalking others!

At the very least, this blog will serve as a cyber memory box when (all too soon I’m sure) these crazy days are behind me.  At best I will entertain and reassure others just as I have been entertained and reassured.

So…hello!   And welcome to MY blog. Debuting the chronicles of me and my little clan: The Boy (age 2.5) and The Lass (currently 5 months old), who I will refer to as Pipsqueak.

Because The Boy is such a chatterbox and makes me chuckle so much these days, the blog will mainly focus on him and his hilarious (slash frustrating) utterances for the foreseeable.  Toddlerdom: brilliant and challenging in equal measures.  Fascinating, exasperating and oh-so entertaining.

“Mummy, DON’T say…” is one of The Boy’s most often uttered phrases right now, and so the blog is named to honour this.

Thank you for reading, and please do join in with ‘I’ve been there’ or ‘I’m living it’ tales of your own.

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11 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Ah great intro and welcome to the blogging world. I too have just started and I liked reading your post, it caught me and was easy reading with good personality…
    Hope to see you around, feel free to pop my by blog too, I would recommend the spider post or induction methods as a starter as I am sure it will make you giggle.
    Georgina littlefeetbigadventure.com
    P.s I have been trying to sort out my photos this morning, i have 8500… I gave up after 2 hrs 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Georgina. What a lovely compliment. The fact that I have only just found this comment shows I’ve a lot of learning to do! I’ll make it priority to have a read of more of your posts today 🙂


    1. Hi Jen. The ones I’m on are on the Babycentre community – basically you can chat/moan/SOS to thousands of other people who gave birth the same month as you. There are ‘private’ ones too if you’re uncomfortable discussing your life over the net. Definitely made me feel I wasn’t alone as a first time mum 🙂 Thanks for reading.


  2. Normally I don’t read post on blogs, however I wish to say that
    this write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do it!
    Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice post.


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